Sunday October 2nd: Increase our Faith
October 2, 2022
Missionaries of Charity – total service to the poor
October 3, 2022

Monday October 3rd: Go and do likewise

“And who is my neighbour?”

Luke 10:25-37

This is a very popular gospel passage commonly referred to as the Good Samaritan.

I suppose the lawyer believed he could test Jesus by asking the question, “Who is my neighbour?”.

Sometimes we could miss the lesson of the parable, which is telling us to take care of each other, especially the poor and marginalized. There are so many situations that present themselves that we, as Christians, so often turn our backs on, especially those concerning justice and peace. We justify our action by stating it is not our business.

We tell ourselves that we are good church goers doing all that is asked of us. The lawyer too felt that he was a good Jew, upholding the commandments. Jesus, however, showed him that in order to inherit the kingdom he had to do a lot more, that is, care for the poor. Jesus is pointing us to go and do likewise in order to inherit eternal life. We must overcome selfishness and excuses and treat others with kindness and love according to our ability.