Saturday October 1st: The Little Way
October 1, 2022
Monday October 3rd: Go and do likewise
October 3, 2022

Sunday October 2nd: Increase our Faith

Do not worry about the size of your faith.

Luke 17: 5 – 10

When we look at all the tragedies happening in our world today, waves of pandemics, crimes, war, human trafficking, death and destruction through natural disasters, it becomes difficult to hold on to our faith. Mother Teresa harboured troubling doubts about the existence of God even as she worked tirelessly with the poor.

When we ask ‘Lord, increase our Faith,’ is faith simply ascribing to a set of beliefs or is it hope? Do we identify as Christians because of what we believe, or through how we live and treat others?

And then comes the hard pill to swallow. Do we then list all the good deeds we have done and expect that our obedience would put God in our debt? Or have we “ … done only what we ought to have done!’

Our own salvation is dependent on God’s Grace, His undeserved favour. So, maybe instead of worrying about the size of our faith we should just get on with living it out in obedience to Jesus’ commands.