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September 28, 2022
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September 28, 2022

27th Sunday in OT (C)

The wisdom of faith

By Celia Regis

LUKE 17:5–10

Keeping our eyes of the heart on the Source through whom we aspire toward perfection, we’re invited by Luke to consider our human fragility, fears, and yes, the freedom we can experience in building up our spiritual lives.

Like the apostles with whom Jesus journeyed, we too, are challenged by doubts about whether our faith is adequate for the mission we have undertaken. Can we meet expectations of our peers, parishioners, families, bosses, to be better and do more, because we’re supposed to be ‘people of faith’?

Perhaps, the very faith we profess may present confusing teachings or present the need for difficult decisions contrary to what everybody else is doing, thinking, or choosing to use as guidelines for life.

Why, you may ask desperately, are my prayers not being answered? My friend, colleague or family member urgently needs healing, but things seem to be worsening.

Lord, so long now I apply for an HDC house, everything in place, but nothing happening. Lord, I need superhuman help and strength to continue serving in ministry amidst all the parish politics and picker-tree patches of negotiating interpersonal relationships.

So many of us need work, fair wages, safe work environments. Lord, a woman fed poison to her baby because she couldn’t cope!

Increase our faith, Lord, to submit to your testing, to see you and trust that you’ll guide us to focus on what’s really important and leave the rest to you!

Lord, in your response to our plea for more faith, we see the mustard seed and mulberry tree as images through which you open our eyes and other senses to begin to understand your admonitions and teachings. As tiny as the seed is, we can translate the natural benefits to the warmth of faith.

The mulberry starts small but grows tall and wide and provides shelter for the seeking ‘birds’ (disenchanted sistren and brethren) to rest and have a good overview of the landscape of great accomplishments by your power, in and for your kingdom.

So, even in desolation, dryness, or doubt, let us not be discouraged in fulfilling our duty. When we approach God in humility, not complaining, lamenting or impatient, but trusting Him completely in faith, our blind boldfaced demands or incomplete know-how are mercifully met by His trustworthy wisdom. Service then is powered by His grace.

We could move picker-trees or massive mulberry trunks to wherever His Will decides. We are useless if His presence isn’t acknowledged in everything, so that the light of faith allows us to judge what is real and truthful from what may just be distracting spirits.

So, we pray, Lord, that rooted in You and your Word, we see the way and follow your guide. Where there’s unbelief, help our faith which frees us to love and trust God to transform us and the challenging situations. Size is not the issue. Humble, faithful service, focused on Him is the real power.

The gospel meditations for October are by Celia Regis, a parishioner of the Our Lady of Fatima RC Church, Curepe.