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September 26, 2022
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September 27, 2022

Tuesday September 27th: Move on

“What would Jesus do”

Luke 9:52-56

“Wow!” Jesus knew the end of the journey yet he resolutely took the road to Jerusalem; no looking back. This example of purpose can challenge. There were times when I wavered as I felt a task was too much for me especially when I considered that the persons to benefit were not worthy. Perhaps they had hurt me in some way or I had some difficulty with them.
I thought of a slogan that was popular many years ago-“What would Jesus do?” We proudly wore the hand bands, put up bumper stickers and posters but… still forgot to ‘love our enemies’, do good to those who hate us and all that the Beatitudes remind us. Jesus’ way and that of the disciples’ were different. As a disciple, I too must not want to ‘call down fire …burn them up.” But like a true follower, I must move on …to forgive with no bitterness in my heart. “Pray for them.” Today I reflect on Luke 6:20 -49 and practise verse 46.