Local artist honoured by Pope’s delight of her creation
September 23, 2022
Sunday September 25th: Bridge the Gap
September 25, 2022

Saturday September 24th: Let these sayings sink down into your ears

…in this time of synodality, and in all times, Jesus is demanding that we listen and consider things on a deeper level…

Luke 9:43-45

Some of us in the church, locally and globally, have spent the past nine months in synodal mode. I say some because many have yet to know and understand the call of Pope Francis for us to become a synodal church, a listening and discerning church and that we are on a synodal journey towards being.

I like the phrase “let these sayings sink down into your ears”. We must think about the things that we don’t understand, about what the people of God are saying about church in their lives, (before and during COVID and now), to let these things “sink so far down into our ears that they reach our brains”. This is the challenge of our times. Taking time to read the signs of our time: crime and violence, increasing poverty, ego-centric leadership, missing youth in church. We must listen intently to what they are saying to us and see how as church we will respond together.

We pray for the gift of listening to what God is asking of us.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash