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September 21, 2022
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September 21, 2022

Curepe Fatima RC is most outstanding – Season of Creation winners announced

Curepe Fatima RC School is the Most Outstanding Primary School in the Season of Creation Challenge 2022. The regional winners were recently announced by the Franciscan Institute for Personal and Family Development, a ministry of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother.

The theme for this year was Listen to the Voice of Creation with the image of the burning bush (Ex 3:1–12). Participants were invited to share the impact of nature on them— joy or contrition.

The first step of the challenge was to capture sound or sights (see or hear); reflect on the experience and its effect; share the experience by creating a presentation in song, art, skit, or eco project.

The principal and staff of Fatima RC Primary are proud of and honoured by the students’ achievement. Last year was the first time the school took part in the Challenge and the children did well. Students’ talents in visual and performing arts came to the fore. The school’s aim was to do even better in 2022.

A teacher worked closely with the children advising on ways to enhance their projects such as adding sound effects to their videos and suggesting names for the pieces.

The Catholic News was told success required a lot of hard work. The effort was “about the children’s talent, skills and creativity and how far they can reach, we as teachers have to push them.”

Seven pupils from Curepe Fatima participated in the competition. Amayah Wallace Aniebonam (Second Year) submitted a piece in the Craft category titled ‘Majestic Waterfall’ with waterfall sounds.

Amiynah Wells (Second Year) created Art titled ‘Tuneful Forest’.

Jariah Roberts’ (Standard One) Eco-Project was titled ‘Soothing Ocean’ in which he created an ocean in a bottle.

Christi-Elle Gilchrist’s (Standard One) Craft piece ‘Seashell Peals’ was a wind chime. Kalani Caesar’s (Standard Three) Eco-Project was called ‘Mountainous Stream’.

Other projects in the Craft category were a wind chime from Kamica Phillip (Standard Three) and “Rocky Downrush”, Mikhail Ramjag’s (Standard Four) waterfall on the rocks.

Students of Curepe Fatima RC Primary School, St Patrick’s (Newtown) Girls’ RC, Vance River RC, Holy Name Convent and Corpus Christi College were winners in the Art category. St Joseph’s Convent, Castries students also earned prizes.

Winners of the Challenge will be celebrated at the 5th annual regional St Francis Canticle Creation Award Ceremony on Saturday, October 29.

The most outstanding secondary schools:

  1. St Rose Modern Secondary, Gouyave, Grenada
  2. St Joseph’s Convent, Castries, Saint Lucia
  3. Corpus Christi College, Diego Martin, T&T

The most outstanding parishes:

  1. St Peter’s RC Parish, Grenada
  2. Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia
  3. Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe, Bourg Mulatresse, T&T

Most outstanding youth groups:

  1. Youths on a Mission, Grenada
  2. St Patrick’s (Newtown) Girls’ RC, T&T

The Song category winners:

Over 18 years: Avonelle Charles, Vieux Fort, St Lucia; Chad Welsh, St Peter’s RC, Grenada; Standard Four: Roniah Wickham, St Mary’s (Mucurapo) Girls’ RC; Forms 5-6: Jelani Francis, St Anthony’s College; Clarice Beeput, Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe RC Church, Bourg Mulatresse.

Earning prizes for their skits:

St Charles Tunapuna Girls’ RC (Class Group Standard 3); Sarah Fergusson, Holy Name Convent, Port of Spain (Forms 3–4); Matthew Beekhoo, Jordan Hamlett, Shorn Michael Solomon, Film Club, St Mary’s College (Film Club); Aixia Walter, Ariella Dass, Ja liyah Charles Kaelyn Layne, Raeyan Seales, Soleil Hill, Sophia Alibocas, Taliyah Dass (Youth Group), St Patrick’s (Newtown) Girls’ RC (Ages 5–12 category).

Eco Project category winners: Israel Singh, Hardbargain (St Paul’s) RC (First Year Infants); Kelani Caesar, Curepe Fatima RC Primary (Standard 3); Dominic Savio Barataria (Standard Five Class), Ethan Jagmohan, Presentation College, San Fernando (Forms 1–2) and Terrie Richardson, Holy Cross RC Church (Over 18).