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September 21, 2022
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September 21, 2022

Bishop: integral human development a ‘tall order’

Bishop Francis Alleyne

Chair of the Commission for Promoting Integral Human Development (Justice and Peace, Migration and Tourism, Health Care, Unemployment and Care for the Earth), Bishop Francis Alleyne OSB of Georgetown gave the opening address.

He said integral human development (IHD) is about the protection, formation, and development of the whole human person and the whole of humanity.

The mission of the Commission is to inculcate IHD as a way of living the gospel in the region. Its core business is to promote, celebrate, defend the sacredness of human life in its entirety. This will be done in varied ways including proclaiming the social teaching of the Church, collaborating with organisations and associations dedicated to promotion of justice and peace, raise awareness by initiating conversations on pressing issues in the region and promoting a culture of disaster preparedness and resilience.

He acknowledged that the list was “a tall order” calling on the Church to name and lament the elements that threaten the well-being and integrity of people in the region, and also to celebrate the gifts, “what is unique and special in our region and in our people”.

He said the webinar was the first in a series looking at biblical and synodal perspectives on IHD.

Lawrence Latchmansingh from the Diocese of Georgetown was the Moderator for the webinar.