Friday September 16th: Freedom of spirit
September 16, 2022
Sunday September 18th: Astuteness at work
September 18, 2022

Saturday September 17th: Different Soils

“We can only reap a great harvest if we work at it ,,,”

Luke 8:4-15

In this passage of the Sower, Jesus challenges his listeners and us with a deep teaching about life and our various approaches to it by speaking of the Sower who sowed seeds in different soils.
Sometimes we feel we are on the edge of life, not very interested in anything and so are easily swayed by any fad that comes along. At other times we are like seeds thrown on rocky ground. We think we are rooted but when temptation knocks at our door we soon discover our shallowness, with nothing to ground us. There are occasions, though, when we may have good intentions, but we are so caught up with the cares of daily living we again fall short like the seeds among the thorns.
However, the time comes when we do hit the mark, like seeds falling in rich soil. Yet we can only reap a great harvest if we work at it and be patient with ourselves even when we go through hard times.
Thank you, Lord, for this deep insight.

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash