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Cedros school gets paint job, thanks to Chancery staff

The Chancery staff of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, under the leadership of Archbishop Jason Gordon, embarked on a special project to assist a small rural school, Granville RC Primary, Cedros.

At the crack of dawn on Saturday, August 27 the staff and their families travelled from the Archbishop’s House to Cedros, on a chartered PTSC bus.

Archbishop Gordon reminded us that as part of the Archdiocesan Curia, we are called to serve. The goal of the project was to be of service to the small rural school, to assist with their preparations for the children’s return for the new term. Corporate and individual donors gave school supplies, children’s storybooks, and lunch tote bags to the primary school children. Our team of volunteers joyously painted the school.

Martin Lum Kin, Principal, Granville RC Primary, advised The Chancery on the priority work required, and our team was happy to help start the ball rolling. Our volunteers included children of staff – one as young as five years old, all keen to paint and thrilled to work alongside the adult volunteers.


Our team worked under brilliant sunshine, enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Granville community, and happily completed the project of repainting the primary school.

Our warmest gratitude to Archbishop Gordon for his vision, leadership, courage, humility, and wisdom in guiding our team and our Church. We thank him for demonstrating joyful servant leadership.

—Archbishop’s Appeal, from The Chancery staff

Sincere gratitude to:

  • Justin Charles, Parvenir Heritage & Restoration Company Ltd
  • Nicholas Tannous, NWT Enterprises Ltd
  • Annie and George Haloute, John Dickinson & Co (West Indies) Ltd
  • Martin Lum Kin, Principal of Granville RC Primary
  • Lenore Cardinal-Alleyne
  • Joseph Fleming, PTSC
  • Kielle (@BreadandButterTT)