Sunday September 11th: Whatever you cherish you will lose
September 11, 2022
Integral human development is like a symphony
September 12, 2022

Monday September 12th: The Cycle of Hearing

Hear, Listen, Testify!

Luke 7:1-10

The Gospel says when he came to the end of all he wanted the people to hear, Jesus then went about his business. He had a specific message to give the people. He spoke, the people listened.
Then we see people ‘heard about Jesus’. This came about from people testifying about Jesus’ touch and word. People spoke to each other, and others listened. Because of this movement, the centurion knew about Jesus and reached out to him and was eventually able to speak to Jesus.
The Gospel passage said ‘when Jesus heard these words’ from the centurion Jesus was astonished at the man’s faith. Again a ‘hearing’ but this time Jesus was the one hearing from the people. The message then is so powerful that Jesus causes the people to ‘hear’ once more by speaking to them about his encounter with the centurion and the cycle starts again with His imparting his message of faith and healing and hope to the people.
Hear, Listen, testify!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash