Saturday September 10th: Good Tree, Good Fruit, Good Foundation
September 10, 2022
Monday September 12th: The Cycle of Hearing
September 12, 2022

Sunday September 11th: Whatever you cherish you will lose

“It is only right that we celebrate and rejoice…”

Luke 15:1-32

Whether sheep, coin or prodigal son; a loss is a loss. Whatever you cherish you will lose, and you will cherish it even more. It is in the losing that the texture of real love emerges, the cherishing is amplified; you only miss the water / you only love the water/ you only awake to your love of the water when the well run dry.
The lost takes on new significance; brings out a new desire and an added perseverance. She swept the whole house, turn everything upside down; he left the ninety-nine and went in search of the one sheep; the father searched the horizon day after day, hammering out a requiem; then when the shadow appeared he brought out the calf he was fattening.
What you lose changes you. Only when you lose things you know what kindness really is; as the future dissolves like salt. With kindness we regain taste for life. Jesus welcomes sinners as they are returning to the table, and eats with them in thanksgiving.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash