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September 9, 2022
Sunday September 11th: Whatever you cherish you will lose
September 11, 2022

Saturday September 10th: Good Tree, Good Fruit, Good Foundation

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do what I say?”

Luke 6: 43-49

Would you dare to build your house on sandy soil with no firm foundation?
That is precisely what we do when we hear God’s Word and do nothing – we have no solid foundation on which to live our lives. Listening to any other voice would mean that our lives are founded on a creature and not The Creator.
On the other hand, when we hear God’s Words and act on it, we build ourselves a firm foundation on which we can pattern our daily living. So, when the storms of life assail us, we have a solid base from which we can face our struggles.
We must root all that we do, think and say in God’s word. As we do this, we become firmly fixed in good soil and are sure to produce good fruit. The fruit may not be perfect, given our human frailties. But God always gives us the opportunity to be reconciled with Himself.
As Christians and children of God, let us always root ourselves in the firm foundation of the Word of God, the Eucharist and Reconciliation with Jesus.

Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash