Getting to Know Series: Aurea Honore
September 5, 2022
Pope calls for abolition of death penalty
September 6, 2022

Tuesday September 6th: The Divine Will – knowing the heart of the Father

“He went into the mountain to pray; and he spent the whole night in prayer with God.”

Luke 6:12-19

Discerning God’s will is challenging when my own hidden subtle desires wage war.

Jesus was going to choose the foundation of the Church, He went up a mountain to be in union with the Father. The mountain has historically been the meeting place with God.

The mountain trek distances one from the distractions of everyday life. The senses are one with nature, that is, with God. It actively puts the body in a state of contemplation and communion with the Father. We shed all the things we have been carrying, perhaps from sheer exhaustion. The soul is now in a state of readiness.

After its encounter with God, the soul’s return to daily life leaves it more grounded and stable. It may not be possible for us to physically withdraw but it is possible for us to foster and maintain the ‘interior mountain’ -the place where we commune with the Father. It is easier to discern God’s will and be rooted in Him, our firm foundation.

Draw me close to you Lord, so I can discern your will.