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September 2, 2022
Sunday September 4th: Enthusiasm is not Enough
September 4, 2022

Saturday September 3rd: Lord of the Sabbath

“Is it unlawful to do good on the Sabbath?”

Luke 6:1-5

There has always been a debate over what can and cannot be done on the Sabbath. In fact we as Roman Catholics are often accused of not following the Sabbath tradition, that is, Saturday worship.
Our understanding is that the Resurrection of Christ is more pertinent to our faith and hence the holy day of Sunday. The Pharisees, always so keen to challenge Jesus, saw another opportunity by pointing out the action of the disciples, who picked corn heads and ate , because they were hungry. Jesus in his typical style was not only able to point out the action of David, but to justify the need to feed the hungry, even on the Sabbath.
Jesus by confirming He is Lord of the Sabbath is saying to us put me first in all that you do and your action will always be lawful. If called upon let us take care of the poor even on a Sunday.
Lord, let us always seek your guidance in all that we do. Amen..