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September 1, 2022
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September 1, 2022

School repairs to continue during the new school year

Repairs were conducted by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) at Catholic primary schools during the July-August vacation. There are, however, plumbing, and other issues which could impact smooth operations in the new academic year starting September 5.
South Oropouche RC was among the schools which had repairs during the vacation. The MoE installed a fence and repaired the roof. A wall was constructed to separate two classes and exposed drains on the school compound were covered.
At Siparia RC Primary, the MoE changed roof sheets that were contributing to leaks and the affected portion of the ceiling changed. Some electrical upgrades were done.
The guttering at Our Lady of Laventille has shifted and warped. On rainy days, water gushes through the ventilation blocks into the Infants’ classes. Catholic News learned repairs were done in 2020 and 2021 and another report was submitted during the vacation period.
At Newtown Girls’ RC, roof repairs were executed, wall panels repaired, and cracks sealed. Concerns about the poor ventilation of the Infants’ department have been reported.
There are six classes occupying a one-storey building. Each class has approximately 27 students and they are separated by board and cupboards. The absence of windows and location of ventilation blocks makes the space humid and uncomfortable. Fans circulated warm air and exhaust fans did not alleviate the heat. The school requested an air-conditioning system.
Mundo Nuevo RC has a slip drain which has deteriorated and is causing damage to the property of a resident and the school’s sewer pipes, library and chapel.
The school was advised by an official from the National Maintenance Training and Security Company to construct a box drain. A report has been made to the MoE.
The administration at La Brea RC conducted minor repairs but the school has a dire need for furniture.
The CEBM projects included plumbing at Belmont Girls’ RC, extension of an awning at Hardbargain RC, securing of loose galvanise sheeting at Guayaguayare RC and minor electrical work at Malick Girls’ RC.
Funding assistance of $200,000 from Archbishop’s Appeal is being used for urgent repairs/upgrades to select schools during the holiday and provision of Health and Safety (including sanitising) equipment, supplies, and services. Minor repairs will continue during the school term “as necessary”. —LPG