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August 24, 2022
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August 25, 2022

Dear Women: Be Cheerleaders

By Michelle Borel

Celebrating another does not in any way take away from your own shine. Constantly, we have choices. That is our true power – the power to choose. While we cannot always control what is happening outside of us, we can choose how we decide to react. I would prefer to say act, as it reminds us that we take the needed time to choose how we wish to approach a situation and control our emotions, as opposed to being controlled by them.

So, yes… We have power – the power to choose. With power comes responsibility. We can choose to be a builder or a bulldozer. The true mark of a lady is how she values other women. Regardless of what role you play at work or home, crediting another woman for the time she takes in her appearance, a presentation, her talent, personality, dedication or just about anything that you can see or feel, was done with heart. Can we celebrate? Can we be each other’s cheerleaders? Now, it may take some time, as this is not currently the norm. Whether or not this catches on, I hope it catches fire within you and you are fuelled to be a ‘Positive Penny!’ Yes, I know we always hear about ‘Negative Nancy’, but here I am choosing to focus on what I wish to attract. There was a book I read in the latter part of my teenage years, How to Deal with Difficult People.

I found myself often nodding or making a remark in agreement while learning about the different personality types in the book. The advice given about looking for something to compliment instead of criticising resonated with me. It also reshaped how I interacted with others. By the time I was finished reading the book, it led me to the harshest reality of all. The most difficult person was (drum roll, please) MYSELF!

There are times we may be our toughest critics, but it is time for you to also be your greatest cheerleader. Give yourself that well-deserved pat on the back, love up on yourself, treat yourself, take care of yourself. In doing so, you would find that supporting others gets easier. You will do it and become so good at it that you would never allow the ‘but she does not do that for me’ thought to cross your mind, as such frivolity is left behind. It is like graduation day. Everyone is cheering for each other, because they know that their turn to cross the stage is coming. So too it is with life. Genuinely be happy for others and cheer them on because your turn is coming.

In the words of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, “Celebrate the success of others. High tide floats all ships.”


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