Monday August 22: Search me, Oh God and know my heart today.
August 22, 2022
Wednesday August 24: Faith and commitment are strong
August 22, 2022

Tuesday August 23: I need to clean inside this cup!

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Read today’s Gospel-Matthew 23:23-26

Am I more like the scribes and Pharisees or am I more like Jesus? Jesus’ harsh words to them are important to me. I need to ask myself some questions, as I am determined to face some of my many weaknesses.

Recently, I find myself missing the most important issues and being taken up with the side issues! I am trying to please God by assuming I am doing His will, when in fact I am doing my own. In doing so, I sometimes neglect justice, mercy and faith, and lo and behold the Pharisee in me comes out; there is a big blind spot!

I need to clean inside this cup! I have to check my heart so that I can keep my intentions pure! I want to ensure that I am motivated by mercy, justice and faith.

God, I need your Holy Spirit to be with me, to burn out the dross! You know my heart! Purify it! Reshape it! Make it a sacred heart: on fire for you and for everyone!