Wednesday August 24: Faith and commitment are strong
August 22, 2022
Friday August 25: Ready and waiting
August 22, 2022

Thursday August 25: ‘Stay awake’

Read today’s Gospel – Matthew 24:42-51

How am I preparing myself?

My friend would fall asleep ‘at the drop of a hat’ and yet declare her alertness when called. We came to realize she was right.

As I think of her and reflect on this reading, I am wont to think of my own alertness. How am I preparing myself? In 1982, my mother died and about 2 weeks after the funeral, the house was burglarized on two separate occasions. Was I ready? No. Caught up in the grief of her loss, I might have left some areas unsecured.

Jesus is calling me to be wise, faithful and alert like the first servant, as I watch and pray. In my dealings/relationships with my fellow man, I must not be complacent or get so caught up in the flurry of life that I fail to do my best or take things for granted. My faith requires that of me. Be on the alert. All reminders I must heed because His Coming is when I do not expect. So…stay awake.