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August 16, 2022
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August 16, 2022

Confirmation at MIQU

The Good Book says there is a “time and season for everything under the sun” (Eccles 3:1–2). Thursday, July 7 was the time, and the season was Confirmation. It was a most edifying, spirit-filled occasion as 24 of our young people from Bourg Mulatresse RC parish received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
The Spirit of the living God was truly present as the candidates were anointed with the chrism oil; something awe-inspiring and Holy Spirit-filled was manifested today.

Archbishop Jason Gordon, as per usual, excelled in his homily and prevailed upon the candidates his desire to see our confirmed Catholics become strong, faithful and passionate disciples of Christ and to live their lives accordingly.
He challenged all with his thought-provoking questions which resulted in a very interactive and engaging session.
Parents, godparents, sponsors and well-wishers and all present experienced a delightful evening with the Archbishop and the three Reverend Deacons – Malcom Joab, Charles Oliveire, and Michael Smith who were present.
It is said that ‘gratitude is a beatitude that shapes attitude’ and because we desire to manifest the right attitude, tokens of appreciation were given on behalf of all those who were involved in the journey of preparing our Confirmation candidates for the past two years.

Indeed, the spirit of the Living God did not fail us today. The spirit of the Living God was resplendent in all its glory in touching the very heart, soul, and spirit of our candidates.
We thank God for the opportunity to be witnesses and fellow pilgrims on this earthly journey with our beloved children. We thank God for the opportunity to be workers in the vineyard as we continue to bloom wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. Refreshments were provided and all recipients of the Sacrament of Confirmation were beneficiaries of memorable tokens. —Olson Oliver