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August 16, 2022
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August 16, 2022

CFC Handmaids of the Lord re-unite and reconnect with their first love

Saturday, July 9, was truly a memorable day in the lives of the Couples for Christ (CFC), Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) who took time to listen and reconnect with their first love.
The facilitator for the day was Sandra Theodore, CFC HOLD Co-ordinator, Trinidad and Tobago. The proceedings began with a beautiful reflection on Zipporah, the wife of Moses and her quintessential role in the life of her family. She was seen as a daughter, mother, wife, sister, and friend. With all these various titles, she was able to perform her duties admirably. This biblical character was the launching pad for the engaging session where participants sought to look at themselves as ‘leaders’.
Psalm 23 was read, and the group reflected on identifying any connections that could have been made between the shepherd as outlined in the Psalm and themselves.
We were also asked to ponder on whether we were leaders according to this version in the form of a poem, taken from the training material offered by the CFC International community. This was recited by our dear leader Sandra as follows:

‘I am a sheep without a shepherd, I do not know whom to follow, I lack everything I need.

I am hungry but no green pastures where I can feed, I am thirsty but no safe waters to refresh me.

My strength is depleted, and I feel so weak.

But there is no one to guide me to the right path for God’s sake.
I walk in the darkest valley alone.
There is danger from every side.
Fear grips me.
There is no one to encourage me and give me hope, no one at all.

My enemies make fun of me.
I have no one on my side.
My whole being is in pain but there is no one to comfort me.
My cup is empty – totally dry.
Goodness and love? Will I ever experience this?
How I long to belong … to have a sister who will care for me and love me.
How I long to find a home in HOLD.’


We were all challenged with whether our members will write this Psalm about our shepherding style in our units. Psalm 23 was re-read with emphasis being on this kind of shepherd leader, to be just like the Good Shepherd.
On reflection of one’s shortcomings in identifying with the shepherd, the Bible text Rev 2:4–5 was then read for reflection. For the text to really resonate, the participants were invited to participate in a group exercise which involved two teams.
Team A was given a lighted candle to protect while Team B was instructed to try and put out the flame of the lighted candle. Team A worked together valiantly, each member taking distinct roles to protect the light that was set.
This scenario was then transferred to one’s personal relationship with Christ Jesus, their first love. Recognition was made that after the initial euphoria of falling in love with Christ, the daily demands of life begin to step in, and that love at times begins to wane.
One major culprit identified was the use of technology, mainly, the cell phone, along with other distractions of life. These distractions infringed on the precious moments with God.
A clarion call was made for the Handmaids to reconnect with their first love by seeking to spend quiet, intimate moments in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, reconnecting through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and connecting through daily prayer.
The morning ended with an ever-thrilling Dutch auction which included a beautifully decorated cake and a bottle of wine. Handmaids eagerly placed their bids in anticipation of the coveted prize which was eventually obtained by A. Pantaleon.
Handmaids were indeed renewed and encouraged to go out ‘As the Spirit Leads’ to fulfil their mandates in building the Kingdom of Christ. —A Handmaid participant