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August 16, 2022
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Bishop comments on ‘Harbour Master’ incident involving athlete

Grenadian javelin thrower and current world champion Anderson Peters


Bishop Clyde Harvey of St Georges-in-Grenada has spoken out on the incident that took place in Grenada on board the Harbour Master vessel August 10 involving Grenadian javelin thrower and current world champion Anderson Peters and his brother Kiddon Peters, who were reportedly assaulted by six Trinidadians.
In a brief video via Good News Catholic Communications, Bishop Harvey underscored, “Whatever may have happened, the point is that he, as somebody who has given himself to Grenada, is now in pain. And we can commune with that.”
He invited all to pray for two things: that God may heal him, but also during that healing that he might come to a deeper experience of who he is, not only as a son of Grenada, but as a son of God.
Bishop Harvey commented when a person experiences any kind of pain or suffering, it is not simply a matter of “‘Oh God, I hope I get better. Oh Lord, I hope I get revenge’…it’s a matter of ‘Lord, what are You trying to teach me through this? Where are You inviting me to walk with You?’”
“So Anderson, wherever you are right now, may God heal you, but may God also form you and shape you through this experience so that you can come out of it a better man, a better human being,” Bishop Harvey said.
He asserted “Grenada shares your pain”. The Bishop hoped that Grenada can move forward in faith to care more for its heroes and support them in their needs.
“And as I say that, you know Anderson Peters has had a physical encounter. A lot of the people whom we held up as national heroes, when they win, they get into all kinds of other challenges later on. Do we think of them? I’ve heard a lot of talk on the media about how little we do, not only in Grenada, but throughout the Caribbean, for our heroes.”
Bishop Harvey hoped that citizens will always recognise those who “allow the flag to shine, to fly high in the sky” whether in politics, sport, business, for the gift that they are to their country.
Meanwhile, Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, in a Facebook post on the incident said that he too viewed the video of the altercation and was “alarmed” and “troubled” by what was shown.
“As a government, we unequivocally condemn violence of any kind and call on all citizens and visitors to maintain a posture of respect to differing perspectives and to opt for rational debate over extreme behaviour,” he said.
He ended his post wishing Peters and all other persons injured during the altercation a speedy recovery and that God “grant us healing as a nation.”