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Senior killed in Moruga, remembered as a mentor in the Church

Moruga RC

Sylda Mudie, 82 years, was a “practising Catholic” who in her younger years gave service teaching First Communion and Confirmation classes. She was a Lay Minister at the St Anthony’s Chapel, Basse Terre, Moruga. It is one of five communities in the St Vincent Ferrer parish. “She contributed a lot to the church,” said Josephine Alpheus, 63, a relative.

Mudie was attacked and killed on Wednesday at her Edward Trace, Basse Terre Village home. Her son Derrick was chopped and warded at hospital. Her attacker was her husband, ‘Sankar’, 80 years. He was shot by police and subsequently died early this morning (Thursday) at hospital.

Alpheus described Mudie as a generous person. “She was a good person in the village, always teaching people about God. She always corrected people, she was very firm…she was outspoken, especially about God to young people.” Mudie taught crochet at a children’s camp held July-August.

She added that Mudie was like a mentor. Alpheus said Mudie was “vibrant” and her attitude toward the young ones was ‘work with me, so you all would hold on to the values of the church’.

Mudie supported church events. “Every fundraiser…anything, if it is a little fun trip, she would pack her bag and she’ll be with us.” She donated to church ministries such as the Society of St Vincent de Paul or the Bible study group. If the COR (Christ Our Redeemer) youth group in the parish had an outing or there was a pilgrimage to a harvest, “she will be there”. She enjoyed going out to pilgrimages in different communities.

Alpheus said, “We will look at the Catholic News and I will say ‘let’s go on a trip somewhere far’ and she would pack her bags, she will go with us. She took part in every single thing in the Church.”

When there was a harvest day in Moruga, she managed the cake stall and prepared cassava pone and cassava bake. She was willing to teach the youth her skills.

Mudie was at Mass last Sunday (August 7) with her son. She had returned from New York the day before. “I told her, ‘You came back?’. She said, ‘yes’ and she’s going back in October.” It was a routine every year or two for Mudie to spend some time with her son in the US. “Then he would bring her back,” said Alpheus.

Fr David Khan, Parish Priest, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, San Fernando, who knew Mudie, called her a true pillar of the Catholic Church in Moruga.

“She embodied humility, faith and strength throughout, so much so for many, many, years she was faithful to the teaching of First Communion, and Confirmation in the parish. Under her charge, many came to know the Catholic faith.”

He noted her life was a living testimony of devotion to the Lord. “She lived with humility and simplicity, just as our Lord Jesus Christ,” Fr Khan said.

The Catholic News extends condolences to the family of Sylda Mudie.