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August 11, 2022
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August 12, 2022

Whoa! Woman!

By Michelle Borel

‘Woman!’ That is a two-syllable word with such depth.

Let’s place focus on the first morpheme ‘wo.’ This meaningful unit of sound sparks two thoughts in my opinion. A gentle reminder that we have choices, that each situation is what we bring to it.

As women, we can put the ‘woe’ or ‘whoa’ in woman. Therefore, we can distress or impress. How do you want another to feel after they leave your presence? What do you want whispered about you when you are not there?

When you have advanced from this earthly plane, what is the legacy that you would like to leave behind? There is that duality within each of us, but we are given the power of choice to freely decide on which side we wish to lean.

Richer reflection, retrospection, introspection – soulspection! Soulspection reveals that our outer world is the revelation of our inner world. “As a man thinks, so is he” (Prov 23:7).

What is the quality of your thoughts? Together, can we pledge to think better and by doing so live better… To see the beauty, embrace the lesson, be thankful for newfound knowledge and wisdom.

As Les Brown says, “It is not happening to you, but for you!” In understanding that you can relax and allow others around you to feel that ‘whoa’, as you rise above your woes. Any challenge that comes your way has only arrived at your door, because you already have the victory.

Challenge your perception! Advice that my father gave me one day, I believe, helped me to see beyond gender. In a soft, yet memorable tone he advised, “Don’t see yourself as a woman. Just see yourself! Don’t see yourself, as a particular age or race… Just see yourself!”

It is as if those words freed me from the shackles of limitation placed on us being of the feminine sex. I just saw myself and continue to see myself as more than this casement called a body. See yourself and the divine spark placed within you.

Understandably, life is about balance. So, while ‘whoa’ is seen as having a celebratory tone, it can also be termed as a sound of caution. Why caution? Well, my dear sister, as much as we wish for others to feel great while in or after being in our presence, there are still times when we must stand our ground.

Peace is not only about silence, but also about having the courage to speak your truth to keep your peace, as opposed to being left in pieces.

Let’s close with another way in which we can look at ‘whoa.’ How about when you see another lady and she took the time to give off some ‘whoa’ energy that you take the time to let her know.

Read this again… Sit with it some more, as you would receive a new jewel each time.