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August 10, 2022
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August 10, 2022

Mayaro couples celebrate marriage

The Parish of Sts Peter and Paul, Mayaro held a Marriage Renewal Reception for married couples, and couples who are living together (with or without children) on Sunday, July 24 at the Mayaro Civic Centre.

Weeks earlier, couples were given formal invites and were encouraged to attend this special event in their wedding dress and tuxedo (if it can still fit). Out of the 60 invites given out, more than 30 couples attended.

The general purposes of the function were: to bring married couples together to have them re-kindle the vows which they took on their wedding day and to remind them of the challenges they face and will continue to face in marriage; to engage unmarried couples in understanding the sacramental aspect of marriage; to help couples realise that marriage is not just living together but understanding that there is a spiritual aspect to marriage which must be fulfilled because it’s a Sacrament; for couples to realise that ‘shacking up’ lacks that spiritual bond with Jesus Christ; to help the unmarried couples recognise that the need to perform the spiritual aspect of their relationship with Christ and His Church as the leading aspect of their relationship with God. Parish Priest Fr Jeffrey Supersad chaired the evening’s proceedings.

Invited guest speakers, Deacon Hilary Bengochea and his wife Sandee from St Joseph Parish guided all participants through the difficulties in their relationship.

We were reminded about:

  • The marriage vows
  • The importance of reminding couples about the love they have for each other
  • The importance of the spiritual aspect of the marriage and bringing that to the fore in all aspects of their life and relationship
  • Having activities as a couple as much as it’s humanly possible e.g., praying, dating, and walking
  • Learning to forgive each other for the infractions committed on this journey of marriage
  • Every day, remind each other about the love shared by saying “I love you”
  • Not keeping grudges but always ask each other for forgiveness when it is warranted

All couples renewed their vows to each other with the requisite ring exchange. The evening ended with dinner and an opportunity for couples to dance and mingle. As part of the décor, the World Youth Day pilgrims and the organising committee set up a special photoshoot area for couples to have a photo memento of the event, together with the centerpiece keepsakes. –Reynold Phillip