Saturday August 6th: A glimpse of glory
August 6, 2022
Monday August 8th: Pay what’s due
August 8, 2022

Sunday August 7th: My master is taking his time coming

There really is no time when the master is truly away.

Luke 12: 32 – 48

Nothing is more fatal as thinking we have plenty of time. Being piously optimistic about my spirituality can be a trap. Within me lies both the sacred and the profane. A side that loves and fears God, and a side that never thinks of him at all. I think about Jesus saying, ‘I glorify you on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do’. How is that even possible?

In my enthusiasm to serve, I start each day by basking in the sunshine of his presence. But often, as the sun sets, fallen humanity limps back filled with regrets and guilt .

However, the Spirit of God lives in us and there really is no time when the Master is truly away. It is we who send him away so we can feast on our profanities. Preparing for the Master’s arrival means doing the inner work. Being mindful and contemplating his presence within us. True contemplation leads to action and perhaps eventually to a final encounter where at least there will be fewer strokes.