Tuesday August 2nd: Take Courage
August 2, 2022
CSCC 2022 sessions reflect on Pope’s encyclical Fratelli Tutti
August 3, 2022

Wednesday August 3rd: Who vex lose

This lady knew exactly what she wanted.

Mathew 15: 21-28

This is a great example of the power of being focused. No distraction deterred her. He ignored her, she persevered. He insulted her and still, she persevered.

She humbled herself before Jesus and asked for what she wanted.

The answer was the most shocking thing I’ve ever heard from Jesus. I always thought Jesus was love. He compared her to a dog! That was not loving.

What is the lesson? What does Jesus want me to learn from this Gospel?

There is an old Trinidadian saying: “Who vex loss”. She gave Jesus a witty response and did not “get  vex.”

I then understood, this was to teach faith.

My prayer is: Jesus, may I keep focused on you. Let me never forget this lesson to always trust that God will come through. Have faith.

Photo by Mizuno K