Monday August 1st: Feed the hungry
August 1, 2022
Wednesday August 3rd: Who vex lose
August 3, 2022

Tuesday August 2nd: Take Courage

“It is I. Don’t be Afraid”

Matthew 14:22-36

There are always lessons to be learnt whenever Jesus interacts with His disciples. What intrigues me is their reaction and the calm and collective manner the Lord treats with things even in a storm. “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid”. We can recall the panic and fear the country experienced recently with the predicted bad weather; no different to that of the disciples.

What also strikes me is the fact that thinking it was a ghost, they did not recognize Him. We too so often fail to acknowledge His presence, simply because we are not in tuned with Him.

We also learn that He instructed them to go to the other side by boat while He went to the mountainside by Himself to pray. This certainly reminds us not merely about the need for prayer but at times we need the privacy to be with God alone.

Jesus is always present even when we may not be aware. Let us take courage in any situation we find ourselves and learn to trust Him.

Photo by Pixabay