Saturday July 30th: A Moral Dilemma
July 30, 2022
A reflection for Emancipation Day
July 31, 2022

Sunday July 31st: The fool’s way

“So it is when someone sets up treasure for himself instead of becoming rich in the sight of God.”

Luke 12:13-21

Who is in charge of our life: God or the world? We will know by looking at where our heart lies because how we live our lives will show us what we treasure the most. If we desire plenty worldly goods, we can destroy our relationship with God and others.

We need to consider Jesus’ teaching in this parable. When  God calls us, can we take all to the grave with us or would others take them all and squander everything and there is nothing we can do. Let us reflect also on the rich man and Lazarus: who will we like to be? Do we have a heart of love or a heart of greed?

In today’s parable, both brothers are guilty of greed and selfishness for they have set their hearts on what they want. Sometimes we fall into the trap of asking Jesus for justice and compassion but is it out of   selfishness? Can we be satisfied with what we have and worked for?

Have mercy and compassion on us, Lord.