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July 27, 2022
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Thursday July 28th: Separating goodness from evil

“The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous”

Matthew 13: 47-53

Jesus is trying to jolt us into awareness that the decisions we make day by day are important. His overall concern is that we should always love one another: this is what shapes our eternal destiny.

We are meant always to be growing in love of others, rather than living for ourselves. What a challenge of Christian life!. Our joy at the end will be to see how we have helped others to become as God wants them to be.

Speaking in parables helps Jesus’s words come to life. Many of the disciples were fishermen and they could understand the method of separating  ‘good’ from  ‘bad’. Elements of good and bad are inherent in the human condition therefore we pray to respond to goodness in our desires and in our activities and ask the forgiveness and help of Jesus where we fail.

As we continue our spiritual journey, let us ask God to help us to discern what is pleasing to him and to learn from our life experiences.

Photo by Pixabay