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July 27, 2022
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July 27, 2022

Shepherd’s Cup 2022 – Fun, Fitness and Fellowship Edition

From The Office of Youth Ministry

When we think of the pandemic lockdowns and its repercussions on ministry in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, its effect on youth ministry continues to be significant.

Shepherd’s Cup Football Frolic, the annual football/futsal competition hosted by the Office of Youth Ministry – Catholic Youth Commission, was postponed for two years due to the restrictions.

As an event for adolescents and young adults, it involved young people from across the islands sharing space and engaging in friendly competition. During this time, the Shepherd’s Cup Coordinating Committee met repeatedly to discuss events that would keep youths and young adults engaged as the restrictions of physical contact were prohibited by previous and emerging challenges.

Despite this, we held firm to our faith and began brainstorming: how could we continue to minister to those in our care within a pandemic.

Through prayer and some fun meetings, we agreed that to revitalise and transform the programme for young people, it had to be more than just a football tournament but a programme for evangelising youth through sport.

In March 2022, we began this 18-month process of revitalising the Shepherd’s Cup for 2022 and beyond. This year is the first phase with two main goals: identifying parish leaders (parish coaches) young and not so young to assist in establishing a Sport ministry within their parish and by extension the community.

These coaches will not only be responsible for spearheading sporting activities for young persons within the parish but also learning how to use sport to evangelise and in youth value formation.

A Catholic coach understands that sports is fun, but it is a pathway to a deeper relationship with God, yourself, and each other. A parish coach creates a sustainable foundation through Catholic servant leadership that allows youth to thrive.

With the coordinating team, the coaches will be responsible for not only playing sports but recruiting team members from the parish and the wider community by reintroducing a football league and introducing other sports for interparish competition.

Yes! You read that correctly – sports.

What will you be looking forward to? Cricket, beach volleyball, cricket, dragon boat, netball? Tell us what you will be interested in: https://bit.ly/NewSportsRCTT

After months indoors, this year we head outdoors!

Shepherd’s Cup 2022– Fun, Fitness and Fellowship Edition.

Parishes are invited to participate in an outdoor obstacle course event. Each parish within the Archdiocese of Port of Spain has a chance to compete and win prizes valued at $10,000 in cash.

The competition has three categories: team, champions, and parents. There are prizes in each category.

Archbishop Jason Gordon will match teams to compete head-to-head with another parish on July 28. The competition will undeniably build camaraderie between team members as they will have to train as a team in preparation for the event. This is heightened because there is an element of Scripture recital included this year. The parish with the highest points wins overall champions.

Who will this year’s Shepherd’s Cup winners be? Tobago United, Santa Rosa, Siparia, San Lambert, Chaguanas, Toco?

This new format of Shepherd’s Cup promises to be exciting.

Parishes, build your teams and let them share in this opportunity for Fun, Fitness and Fellowship.

Teams, pack your gloves and boots, dress in your parish colours and pack your coolers, too. Ensure your parish has nominated a parish coach to lead you through this year’s event and may the best team win!


For more information contact the Office of the Youth Ministry, 343-9926 or cyc@catholictt.org or follow our Facebook page: Catholic Youth Commission.