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July 26, 2022
Viola’s Place – like family
July 26, 2022

Holiday time again

The July/August vacation is halfway-through, and in this business supplement themed Love up Local—Experience T&T, we focus on local sites that offer a fun experience for the entire family.

On B3, the importance of recreation and play as another foundational block for spiritual growth for both children and parents is discussed according to Church teachings, given as well, that families are our domestic Church.

The centrespread offers a model for villages which dot the islands so that they may offer a glimpse into the lifestyles contained therein. Historical Lopinot in the north of Trinidad gives visitors a truly immersive experience through nature walks and tours, cuisine, dancing the cocoa, all the chocolate-based products, catch and release, riverside limes, cooking via fireside and, of course, the Lopinot House.

Their process in pulling together these various aspects of the Lopinot community to create a whole experience is outlined. We thank the Lopinot Countrystyle Community Tourism for their collaboration with us.

This issue’s Catholic Leadership takes us to Tobago, with the owner of Viola’s Place in Lowlands, Joan Benita Braithwaite, who is also an active member of the Scarborough RC Church.

Her story brings to the fore the importance of hospitality, not just in the treatment of guests, but in her kindness to her employees, especially during the difficult two years of intermittent lockdown that the pandemic brought.

Hers is also a story of a loving married couple, and a wife’s support for her husband’s dream.

Simone Delochan

Associate Editor

Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash