Wednesday July 20th: Time to sow again
July 20, 2022
On my way to Love: Finding him ‘divinely’ attractive
July 21, 2022

Thursday July 21st: A mystical experience

“But blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear.”

Matthew 13: 10-17

Jesus speaks in parables. Why? Parables have deep meaning and can relate to each person according to their need. This is undoubtedly mystical. Each of us is special to God and he relates to each of us in a particular way. He thirsts for an intimate, unique relationship with each of us.
To most of us, God can be abstract, far away, and hard to reach. However, through the mystery of the Church, the Christian Community, and the Sacrament of Christ, God becomes closer and more tangible to us. Our faith or love for God grows. The Sacraments of the Church help us encounter Christ in tangible ways and so our eyes will see God and our ears will hear God.
Father of all creation, we desire to share in your Trinitarian, mystical life. Help us to lean not on our own understanding but to surrender to you by availing ourselves of the sacraments and devotions of our Christian community. Amen.

Photo by David Billings on Unsplash