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July 21, 2022
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July 22, 2022

On my way to Love: Finding him ‘divinely’ attractive

By Nikita Lakatoo

I’d say it takes more than attractiveness, talent, and natural charm to acquire a lasting relationship that has a divine holding. Even when we see the most famously beautiful women of the world, despite being deemed perfect in every apparent way by societal standards, the vast majority find themselves unable to form lasting relationships and marriages.

It only emphasises, to me, of how less it is about how good we look on the outside but more of what goodness and godliness we radiate from the inside.

When I first saw my husband, he was the most outstanding guy in a gym full of all types of muscle-bound, ripped, tight abs men. I mean, I had my pick.

But something about him was very favourable to me, especially since an Indian guy never really caught my attention like this, ever. But I was reminded of the prayer I shared in my first article about asking God to “choose a helpmate for me” and so I prayed some more.

I remember being so afraid of how strong my feelings were, of not wanting to go through another heartache so all I did was talk to God about it. I was too scared to talk to him, so he introduced himself first. I didn’t even reply to his bbm messages without talking to God about it first.

Despite having high emotions, I kept looking for direction from my heavenly Father. That’s how much I wanted what God wanted for me because He loves me and knows what’s best for me.

I think being deemed attractive, talented, and even highly educated can sometimes encourage us to make the mistake of relying on that too much when it comes to finding love. Even our emotions can overwhelm and work against us and that is why I needed prayer.

Because relying solely on my attractiveness and personality didn’t gain for me the God-anointed relationship and marriage I desired. It was through prayer God was able to open me up to something extra, something divine about a person that attracts you to them, beyond their physical appearance and attributes.

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