Saturday July 16th: Wait on the Lord
July 16, 2022
Monday July 18th: A sign
July 18, 2022

Sunday July 17th: At the Lord’s feet

“Martha, Martha, you worry and fret over so many things yet few are needed, indeed only one.”

Luke 10: 38-42

When I lived in Toco, I always regretted not spending more time going to the seaside and getting into communion with God. I was not there as a tourist however, but for work. My life was ‘cluttered’ with all kinds of worries and concerns. Yet, as I read this weekend’s tale of Martha and Mary, I always feel a reproach.

I hear this reproach in the words of Jesus to Martha. I fretted because I had to be a responsible person. This was not the whole story, however.

Every so often, I did in fact manage to carve out some time to simply sit before the vastness of the ocean and feel myself carried along in the abyss of God’s love. I found those moments immensely healing and consoling.

As I think of it, Martha and Mary both live in me. When I do like Mary and sit at the Lord’s feet, I am reminded that I am loved simply for who I am and not what I can accomplish. I pray we may all come to this realization.

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash