Mask-wearing still recommended at churches despite removal of mandate
July 15, 2022
Sunday July 17th: At the Lord’s feet
July 17, 2022

Saturday July 16th: Wait on the Lord

“Jesus knew this and withdrew from the district.”

Matthew 12:14-21

Jesus did not leave because He was afraid. He left for the same reason He had asked them not to ‘make Him known.’ The time had not yet come for that phase of His Ministry!

The people  were looking for a political saviour who would overwhelm and overpower their enemies in a physical sense. However, first they had to come to know Jesus as the Chosen One. As Isaiah prophesied, He was the One whom God loved and with whom He was well pleased; the Saviour who was empowered by the spirit and who would bring justice to the nations.  They had to recognize the gentle, humble merciful and loving Jesus as the Messiah who would bring all nations to God the Father. The prophesy had to be fulfilled, and so Jesus waited for God’s timing for the course and culmination of His Ministry.

Lord, let us know that you have a plan for our lives and help us to wait patiently on your timing in all our actions.