Sunday July 10th: Go and do likewise!
July 10, 2022
Hydroponic farming at RC primary schools
July 11, 2022

Monday July 11th: Risking alienation

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring Peace to the earth: it is not Peace I have come to bring, but a sword.”

Matthew 10: 34 – 11:1

Jesus’ words in this passage of Scripture are unmistakably forthright and uncompromising. They tell us that when we decide to follow Christ, there can no longer be pretence in the state of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

A true follower of Jesus Christ always runs the risk of being alienated or rejected by persons close to him, even his own family members.  Why? Because a true believer in Christ can do no less than speak the truth of God’s Word to others. Conflicts will inevitably arise, but even the closest of family bonds must become subordinate to our obedience to God.  Hence Jesus’ words, “A man’s enemies…of his own household.”

The hearers of the truth of God’s Word are forced to examine themselves inwardly and are jolted out of a false sense of complacency.

In summary, we are all called to point each other towards doing right in the eyes of God.  Let us always make every effort to do so without condemnation or derogation, but always with God’s merciful and forgiving Love.