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July 11, 2022
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Day and Night – A book for interior reflection

If you know Fr Urban Hudlin OP, even just in passing, you are certain to have heard of his many titles and qualifications. You may have been surprised that author wasn’t on the list. The wait is over.

On Thursday, June 23 at the St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre, Fr Hudlin officially took on that title with the launch of his book, Day and Night.

It was surely guided by Heaven that the  launch was hosted on the Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist, which Fr Hudlin so eloquently declared can be titled the feast of a new name.

While his academic prowess and inclinations are obvious, listening to his homiletic delivery style and content, you may have deduced that he has a creative side.

As an attendee at the book launch for Day and Night, you were exposed to all those sides and much more.

Among the attendees were persons who were considered his nearest and dearest including three of his brother Dominican priests and three permanent deacons whom he would have worked closely with over time. It was beautiful to see clergy there to support one of their own.

The programme included a moving dramatic presentation that featured excerpts from the book. The script and concept were conceived by Jemma Redman, who read with Ian King.

They were accompanied by Michael Hudlin who performed original compositions, which were his impressions of the pieces read. Rumour has it that it may be developed into an independent production coming to a stage near you, so stay tuned.

Given his origins, the southland was not to be left out, therefore the following day, Friday 24, Day and Night was launched at St Benedict’s RC Church, La Romaine.

The list of attendees included past parishioners, members of Fr Hudlin’s family, and even a past teacher. The southerners were treated to the same programme as their northern counterparts which included a live demonstration of how the book can be used. The experience was guided by Fr Hudlin with a volunteer from the audience.

Fr Hudlin shared with both audiences that Day and Night is meant to be a crucible of reflection as one commits to gazing inwardly.

Fr Urban and artist Kristy Franco

The audience was additionally reminded that scholars have said, the more reflective you are, the more effective you are. There was a consensus that we all need to be more effective in our daily lives, with greater effort placed on our spiritual lives.

In expressing his gratitude for all those involved in the publication, he revealed that he went local. The formatting, layout, concept, and publishing process for the print and electronic versions were done by Renee Simeon of OWTP Publishing.

Simeon’s skills were combined with talented artist Kristy Franco who was commissioned to create an original painting that was used on the book cover.

It was all God’s work and His plan which brought the entire project to fruition.

If you have an interest in developing the healthy habit of introspection, Day and Night is a good start. The book will soon be available in bookstores. In the meantime, it can be sourced electronically on Amazon. To obtain a hard copy, email:

— Ayanna Griffith