Wednesday July 6th: Physician heal thyself!
July 6, 2022
Families: “See yourself as the Domestic Church”
July 7, 2022

Thursday July 7th: True discipleship

“Freely you have received, freely give.”

Matthew 10: 7-15

Jesus said  to his disciples: Freely you have received, freely give. What they have received they must now pass on to others without expecting a favor in return, whether in the form of a gift or payment.

They must show by their attitude that their first interest is in serving God, not receiving material gain. They must serve without guile, full of charity and peace, and simplicity. They must give their full attention to the proclamation of God’s kingdom and not be diverted by other lesser things.

They must travel light – only take what was essential and leave behind whatever would distract them – in order to concentrate on the task of speaking the word of God.

They must do their work, not for what they can get out of it, but for what they can give, without expecting special privileges or reward. “Poverty of spirit” frees us from greed and preoccupation with possessions and makes ample room for God’s provision.

The Lord wants his disciples to be dependent on him and not on themselves. (Don Schwager)