Monday July 4th: The girl is not dead but asleep
July 4, 2022
Thy Kingdom Come
July 5, 2022

Tuesday July 5th: Facts based on evidence

It is amazing that logic never comes into play

Mathew 9: 32-38

It is eye opening to see, that false information based on opinion and not fact was present in the time of Jesus. It is amazing that logic never comes into play.

Jesus cured a dumb man by driving a devil out of him. That should have been cause for celebration, but not for the Pharisees. They decided it had to be the devil who drove out the devil. Did that make sense to them?

When I hear the “fake news” and conspiracy theories I wonder how can people believe these things. I really cannot understand. I think about the people in today’s Gospel, who completely ignored the evidence that Jesus was curing illnesses; did they think the devil was doing that? Was that logical?

I pray to the Holy Spirit for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding for myself and the whole world. Dear Holy Spirit, let us form opinion based on evidence  and logic, and above all, never let us repeat or resend any thing that is not fact checked or based on first hand evidence.

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash