Sunday July 3rd: The harvest is rich
July 3, 2022
Tuesday July 5th: Facts based on evidence
July 5, 2022

Monday July 4th: The girl is not dead but asleep

“Your faith has healed you”

Matthew 9:18-26

Three words strike me in today’s Gospel reading: Power, Faith and Touch. The synagogue leader had power but he recognized that the situation with his dead daughter required the intervention of a higher power. So he came to Jesus on his knees to plead for Jesus to come and put His hand on her. He had the faith to believe that Jesus can perform that action with ease.

Then the woman with the bleeding problem for twelve years, believed that by just touching the edge of His cloak, she will be healed by His power. And Jesus said your faith has healed you” Jesus took the little girl by the hand, and she got up, healed.

We can conclude that we all have to express the need for healing in faith, through prayer. We have to approach the Lord with humility, on our knees asking for His touch.

We pray that each one of us will keep in mind these three words: power, faith and touch,  and practice them as we help others to do the same.