Saturday July 2nd: Celebrate the present
July 2, 2022
Monday July 4th: The girl is not dead but asleep
July 4, 2022

Sunday July 3rd: The harvest is rich

“He Himself was to visit…”

Luke 10:1-12,17-20 

Many biblical scholars suggest that the 72 disciples going out to all the towns represent the whole Church. Jesus tells them to ask the Lord to send labourers to the harvest. Although Jesus himself will visit these towns, He wishes to visit them through His workers.

We labourers must get out and confront evil with good, sin with grace, darkness with light, prayerlessness with prayerfulness and so destroy the kingdom of Satan. Then will people be able to say,“Jesus Himself visited me”

The saying, “Wherever the Christian disciple goes… there goes Christ”  means that as a disciple of Jesus, I live in grace, truth and light and therein lie the powers that tread underfoot the darkness around me. This becomes the means  by which “Christ Himself will visit”

No longer must we sit and ask for workers, but we should ask to be made workers; see the need for Christ in the world and say, “the very gifts and talents we have, … the master needs  in the vineyard.” With boldness, set out with the 72!

Photo by Drift Shutterbug