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July 1, 2022
Sunday July 3rd: The harvest is rich
July 3, 2022

Saturday July 2nd: Celebrate the present

But the time will come …

Matthew 9: 14 – 17

Mourning the loss of a friend, I have often thought back to whether we spent enough time together or had enough meaningful conversations to truly make the most of the time while he was here.

Today’s gospel reminds me that I need to live in the present. While grieving is a natural process, I should not spend too much time looking back at the past for missed opportunities, nor should I be anxious about future losses that has not happened.

Being a Catholic and going through the seasons of the Church each year reminds us that to walk with Jesus, there is a time for everything: a time to mourn and fast and a time to celebrate.

Lord, please fill me with your Holy Spirit, that I may always find time to celebrate the joy of the present, knowing, loving and serving You.

Photo by Artyom Manchenkov on Unsplash