Saturday June 25th: Their pain is Mary’s pain
June 25, 2022
Monday June 27th: Commitment to Christ
June 27, 2022

Sunday June 26th: DOH  LOOK BACK

“Let me go and bury my father first.”

Luke 9:51-62

The mood is urgent. Jesus resolutely sets his sight on Jerusalem. He sends his disciples ahead to prepare the way. He knew he had come here for this…a painful end…a disappointment for many….but one he could not deny. No looking back.

He was short with those mouthing excuses: bury my father first; bid farewell to family.  He is almost afraid that any delay or distraction may railroad the project and he may opt for a soft landing. He mutters ‘get behind me Satan’ as he nears the summit. His story will change the course of history forever.

This is our story and my story too. My heartbeat quickens and my pulse races; I am short with others as I fear for my opting out at the last minute.  I die inside slowly.  I put my hand to the plough, close my eyes and utter a prayer. The plough cuts like a hot knife through butter and it is over.  Little victories paint a big picture. My life is never the same again.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash