A priest’s golden jubilee: Fr Herbert Charles
June 24, 2022
Sunday June 26th: DOH  LOOK BACK
June 26, 2022

Saturday June 25th: Their pain is Mary’s pain

“His mother stored up all these things in her heart.”

Luke 2: 41-52

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Church presents us with the model of a mother which is greatly needed, as we strive to bring up our children in a world which presents so many challenges to our parenting.

Mary and Joseph were very distraught in learning that Jesus was not with them. Think of the million plus children who go missing yearly around the world and the pain experienced by their parents. Their pain is Mary’s pain, and that pain can also come from a spiritually or emotionally lost child. Mary also had to witness the loss of her son’s life on the cross.

Mary shows us, what a heart full of love but faced with much pain and disappointment should do. We too must relentlessly search for Christ and keep our trust rooted in God. She demonstrates that we must remain humble and carry our sorrow with dignity. Mary kept her hope alive as she “stored up all these things in her heart.”

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash