Business Spotlight: New Earth Organic
June 22, 2022
Business Spotlight: IFarmTT
June 22, 2022

Business Spotlight: Fresh Farm

Located in Talparo, Fresh Farm provides all-natural eggs to groceries around the country. Soon to be providing all-natural chicken, Fresh Farm has developed a system of farming to ensure the health of their chickens from hatching to adulthood, in consultation with scientists both locally and overseas. The chickens are raised humanely, cage free and are fed a non-GMO diet with feed imported from The Netherlands. They are kept healthy with a combination of garlic and turmeric. You can find Fresh Farm all-natural eggs at the following locations: Massy Stores,

Tru Valu Trincity, Xtra Foods, The Price Club, JTA Supermarkets, Food Giant Supermarket, SuperPharm, Starlite Drugs, Malabar Gourmet Shop, Fresh Organics, Peppercorns, Aioli Marketplace, Fitt Street Market, Molay Marketplace, Creme Fraiche and The Bayside Pantry.

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