Business Spotlight: IFarmTT
June 22, 2022
Business Spotlight: Cocoa Pod Chocolate Shop
June 22, 2022

Business Spotlight: Cocobel

Cocobel Chocolate’s 100% locally made, artisanal, single origin chocolate has been pioneering Trinidad’s artisanal fine chocolate-making industry since 2008. Cocobel Chocolate is made from world-renowned, “Fine Flavour” Trinitario cacao beans originating from Trinidad & Tobago. The cocoa beans are harvested, fermented and dried mainly at Rancho Quemado Estate, deep south of Trinidad but also at La Deseada Estate, Santa Cruz in north Trinidad, San Antonio Estate in Gran Couva and several others across the country.

The beans are brought to our workshop at 37 Fitt Street Woodbrook, where they are sorted, roasted, winnowed and refined into chocolate couverture. Our uniquely designed and international award-winning artisanal confections are prepared by hand using traditional chocolatier techniques and incorporating local fruits, herbs, spices and other fine ingredients. Crafted with wild Trini passion, Cocobel is an authentic experience inspired by our distinctive culinary heritage that unearths treasured memories and delights the senses.