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June 14, 2022
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June 14, 2022

Celebrating our spiritual fathers

Every year Father’s Day comes knocking at our door and how do we celebrate? This year we celebrate the lives of four priests who give of themselves freely and open-heartedly to parishioners in San Fernando.

God, our Almighty Father, Creator of the Universe moulded each of these priests uniquely in His eyes. We are blessed to have them in our daily lives as they preach the Word of God every day during Holy Masses.

Fr David Khan’s voice echoes the Word of God throughout the Church and within our hearts. Known for his dynamic voice, Fr David’s ability to multitask allows him to carry God’s message throughout Trinidad from the north to central to south. With his theological knowledge, Fr David teaches our young adults at the University of the West Indies, preparing them for life in the real world. His love for Mother Mary is televised in carefully designed programmes which help us to understand the purpose of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Fr Clifford Graham is known throughout Trinidad as a pillar of spiritual strength. Many come to him for he has been blessed by God with gifts of the Holy Spirit. His healing gift allows him to help the weak and give them hope for a new tomorrow. Spiritual warfare is real, and Fr Graham is here and willing to help all who seek his assistance. His patience and understanding are noted as he takes the time to explain and share his knowledge with all.

Fr Hyginus Ekwuazu shares God’s messages with us every week at Holy Masses. His peaceful disposition allows anyone to feel comfortable in his presence. Although Fr Hyginus is quiet, his messages from the gospels are powerful. He allows the Holy Spirit to cover him with his grace as he closes his eyes and preaches with a blessed tongue.

Fr Jayson Grell graces us with his gentle voice as he shares the Word of God with all during Holy Masses. Though “sweet” is the word used to describe his words, Fr Jayson is gifted and musically inclined. His love for charismatic music radiates to all. Always willing to lend a hand and help anyone in need with no need for a reward. —Therese Chung, OLPH Parish Secretary and Synod Coordinator