SVP youth host Spelling Bee competition

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June 8, 2022
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June 8, 2022

SVP youth host Spelling Bee competition

The SVP Youth Conference of Sacred Heart Parish, La Brea, known affectionately as Sacred Heart Vinnies, seeks to integrate the ‘See, Reflect, Act’ model: See a need in the community; Reflect and discuss; and Act by creating a means for helping. Coupled with the corporal works of mercy we intend to create and host family and community events as service projects.

After reflection, we realised that online learning hampered students’ ability to socialise, develop literacy and create camaraderie. We decided to engage the community by creating a space for good, clean fun. The idea for the Spelling Bee was birthed.

We are a new group, small in numbers, so first we opened it only to parishioners. The response was poor, and this deterred us a bit. But we already had support of sponsors and well-wishers. We ended up postponing its initial date.

After thought and reflection, we decided to invite schools in the area. La Brea RC, Vance River RC, Point Fortin SDA, and Salazar Trace Government were the primary schools that responded, Vessigny Secondary was the only secondary school to respond.

On Saturday, May 21, we finally hosted our competition. The day was filled with laughter, tears at some points and yes, camaraderie. Parents and students along with other supporters made the day successful. We even had a special round for adults who came out to support.

We are thankful to all those who donated, supported, or participated in the event. We hope, with the help of sponsors and well-wishers, to host another event later this year to bring parishes together.

—Photos and story courtesy Sacred Heart Vinnies



Category 5–7

First: Josiah Lewis, La Brea RC

Second: Rae Marie Vialva, La Brea RC

Category 8–10

First: Janae Syd Dubarry, La Brea RC

Second: Zariah Richardson, La Brea RC

Third: Amaya James, Vance River  RC

Category 11–13

First: Mickea Khanhai,  Point Fortin SDA


Antonio Casagrande, Vance River  RC

Third: Jaheem Vialva, Vance River  RC

Category 14–17

First: Kiyel Wilkinson, Vessigny High School


Kifaa Phillip, Holy Faith Convent Penal

Third: Malia Miller, Vessigny High School

Category Adults

First: Kalisha Phillip, Sacred Heart RC Church


Adanna Leonard Williams, Vessigny High School, teacher

Third: Ronaldo Weston, supporter