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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022

Mount St Benedict reopens to public

After being closed to the public since Sunday, May 22 “out of abundance of caution” as Abbot John Pereira OSB tested positive for Covid-19, the Abbey Church of Mt St Benedict reopened today, Thursday, June 2, as the affected monks all tested negative for Covid-19.

The Church resumed its services with its 6 a.m. morning prayer and 6.45 a.m. Holy Mass.

In a six-minute video via Mount St Benedict Abbey YouTube page, Abbot Pereira thanked faithful for their concern, prayers, and prayerful support.

“Because we know that it was only through the goodness of God that He has allowed us to come through this stronger…. We ask God to bless your families and we just want to let you know we are back. You are all invited to come as you have been doing over the past 110 years since the monastery opened its doors in 1912,” Abbot Pereira said.

Abbot Pereira opined that the Lord was “testing” them during this period of isolation. “But everything comes to an end. And now we are back. We are here to serve you.”

He continued, “And now after having been laid down for a while, the Lord is raising us up. As we promised in our previous video, we will be back and we will only be back because the Lord wants us to be back, He wants us to be there to serve you, to be in His presence…God is good, God is great and He has brought us out of this period into a new light, a new dawn, so that we may all be able to celebrate together the festival of Pentecost….”

Masses at the Mount continue to be livestreamed as has been done during the pandemic on YouTube & Facebook

Streaming of services will resume accordingly:

6 a.m. Morning Prayer with the monks

6.45 a.m. Daily Mass

7.30 a.m. the Adoration Hour



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