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June 1, 2022
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Our Mt Tabor experience

Many people, when they hear ‘Couples for Christ’ (CFC), they immediately think that it is an organisation only for couples – but I assure you, it is not. This organisation incorporates all aspects of the family: married couples, divorced, separated, widowed men and women, single persons, youths, and kids. As we say, “we are a womb to tomb ministry”.

In this article, we want to highlight a recent event co-ordinated by the Gift of Life ministry (a ministry under the umbrella of CFC)

The event themed Life is a Gift was a hike on Saturday, May 21 through the pines of Mt Tabor, located behind Mt St Benedict.

The itinerary was as follows:

  • Zumba warmup at St Benet’s Hall car park
  • Hike to Mt Tabor
  • At the top: Praise & Worship; a talk by Allan Julien based on John 10:10, “I have come to give Life, life to its fullest”
  • Trek back to St Benet’s Hall
  • Refreshments of delicious smoothies while listening to a powerful testimony from John Michael Mader.

Some participants share their experience:

I joined members, family, and friends of CFC on their early morning trek to Mt Tabor with a group ranging from the young to the not-so-young in tow.

It was at the top that I’d like to think that I was blessed with a great reminder, from the words of Allan Julien.

Often, we devote the vast majority of our time, energy, and ourselves, to accomplishing goals that have been set by a society whose standard for a successful life is almost synonymous with material wealth and riches.

And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting and aspiring to have a great job, a nice house, and fancy cars, when God is left out of the equation, it is then we tend to falter and lose our way.

The commodities of the world are not inherently bad things. Rather, they fill our lives with comfort and pleasure that many of us enjoy. However, when creating our checklist for a full life, we must ensure to place a well-nurtured relationship with Christ Jesus at the front and centre.

Allan also rightfully reminded us that much like it had taken some of us great effort to make it to the top of the mountain that morning, life can very much feel like an uphill battle at times, filled with disappointment, grief, and pain, with or without the material things we desire.

However, it is precisely during these times that we must call upon the Lord to grant us the strength and graces we require to endure the climb.

As I sat and listened as he spoke, there at the top of the Mount in the presence of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I felt immense gratitude for a delightful morning of fun, faith, and fellowship. —Keithan


There are many words that can be used to describe our Mt Tabor hike experience, but the one that jumps out first is, “unexpected” and that is meant in a pleasant way.

Based on the fact that there seemed to be little hype of the event, the first shock came in seeing the number of persons who showed up. The wide age ranges confirmed in our minds the broad reach and impact of the CFC Ministry.

From start to finish, everyone, young and old, was fully engaged – from the warm-up Zumba to the closing prayer – and the sense of community was evident.

The programme coordinators were efficient and welcoming and set the stage such that we hardly realised that we were actually trekking 1,800 feet above sea level.

The breath-taking views and fresh air were complemented by the wonderful company and simple, yet poignant ‘Ministry on the Mount’ – another unexpected yet welcomed activity.

The message was real and relevant, and the wind rushing through the pines confirmed God’s presence in the gathering…if we did not experience it ourselves, we would say that it was something straight out of biblical text.

The invigorating exercise of the trek, the natural splendour of the trail, and the timely reminder of the talk were tied together by the end testimony of young John Michael Mader, who implored us to appreciate the gift of life and the gifts of God. It was a wonderful experience overall. —Dwyane and Alicia

I was introduced to this hike via the Singles for Christ Ministry. I decided to attend since it was a path I was familiar with. What I faced on the mountain, was a new enlightening.

The warmup was truly a ‘hot up’ – Zumba! Most were left wondering if they would have energy remaining to do the hike!

Things I took away from the talk: Let God’s will be done. We make our checklist to determine what we think will make our life fulfilling. Spouse, high-paying job, big house, fancy car etc. Yet, even after checking our boxes, we are unhappy. This is because our fulfilment will never come through our man-made wiles. True fulfilment will always come through Jesus Christ.

When life pelts misfortune our way, or we allow situations in our lives that are not healthy for us to take hold in our lives – we get out of trouble – with scars. These scars line up to form a path to true fulfilment in Jesus Christ. —Monifa


I take this opportunity to thank all who shared this wonderful time with us. Thanks to Allan for his strong delivery and for sharing his life’s journey. Also, to John Michael for your powerful testimony of how God delivered you – you are such an inspiration!

To Aliyah for the fun Zumba session and Nicole for providing the delicious smoothies! Thank you!

I could not end without saying special thanks to the members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force: Cpl Mulraine, and Privates Logan, Cupidore and Johnson who escorted us and gave us tremendous support and took every care for our safety. It was obvious that the youths were so inspired by their presence! May God continue to bless all your efforts. —Jemma Castillo-Wong, Coordinator, CFC Gift of Life Ministry